I mash up art, science and technology to solve problems and make people happy.

Stuff I’ve made

  • DNA Disco is a free app to raise awareness of wildlife conservation by telling you which endangered animal you dance like. It converts your dance moves into a DNA sequence, which is then searched against a database of real genes from endangered species to find the best match. You’ll see the animal’s conservation status and be able to support organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to protect the animal and its habitat.
  • Food Waste Hero is a project concept for schools to raise awareness of food waste through behavioural economics, storytelling, design and technology. It features a Raspberry Pi internet-of-things device to weigh kitchen food waste bins and shows how households are doing compared to the UK average. (This slide deck with speaker notes goes into more detail).

Stuff I’ve done for clients

Stuff I’ve done at conferences

What I do now

I run Intermingled, a boundary-spanning organisation that tackles big and small problems that resist solution by bringing technology, art and science into the same inquiry space.

How I got here

After graduating from the Université de Nantes in European Economics, I worked as an interpreter, translator and marketer for an international manufacturer. I then re-trained in computer science and genetics, and worked as a software engineer, UX designer, data scientist and senior manager in finance, management consulting, healthcare, genomics and the nonprofit sector. Along the way I became interested in people and how they get along. I trained in a variety of techniques, including psychodynamic counselling, cultural intelligence, acting and improvised theatre (improv).

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